Friday, June 7, 2013

White Zombie Electric Car

How fast can electric cars go? Ever heard of the White Zombie Electric Car? Because if you are conditioned to the idea that all electric cars must be slow and boring, this car is the electric car that will change your mind!

The project started out as a 1972 Datsun 1200. While the White Zombie is known for tearing up the drag strip in NHRA class races, it is fully street legal to drive around anywhere! How fast can this car really go? It's two best times were done on different battery setups. With lead-acid batteries it was able to pull an 11.882 quarter mile at just over 109 mph! If you think that was fast, wait until you see the time it got on a lithium-ion battery set up: 10.258 at a whopping 123.8 mph! It's amazing how much more power was able to be supplied to the wheels by just using a different battery setup.

So what are the some of the specifications on the White Zombie electric car? Well like I said before, it's body is a 1972 Datsun 1200. It has a customized electric motor, which actually incorporates two nine-inch motors combined together. It utilized a direct-drive drivetrain, meaning that there is no transmission, the power is supplied directly to the wheels. There is no shifting required at all. It's custom built battery pack supplies 355 volts and 2,400 amperes, and is able to hold 22.7 kWh of energy. It plugs into a industrial standard 240 volt supply to charge up. The top speed of this monster is 129 mph, and has a driving range of between 90-120 miles, depending on the driving conditions, and whether in-town or on the highway.

Check out this video of one of the White Zombie's faster runs a few years ago. Remember that the setup in the Datsun is a direct-drive, so the shifting you hear is from the car it is up against!


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